Biology Drives Behavior | Dr. Christian Reichardt
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About The Author

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Christian H. Reichardt, DC

Christian H. Reichardt, DC, has been a practicing Doctor of Chiropractic since 1983. He opened his first office in Malibu, California in 1984. Very early on in his career, Dr. Reichardt specialized in the evaluation and care of sports-related injuries and became one of the first certified chiropractic sports physicians in the United States. His abilities as a doctor and healer quickly drew a large clientele of Hollywood celebrities and professional athletes. Since then, he has turned his attention from sports injuries to wellness care. He has added many other accomplishments to his resumé, including involvement with several US Olympic teams, the PGA of America, and the United States Golf Fitness Association. He has written numerous articles for a number of golf magazines and websites. In 2001, he published the acclaimed book “Pain-free Golf”, which became one of the best selling exercise books in the golf world and is now required reading material at several golf colleges.

Dr. Reichardt is currently the staff doctor for the Los Angeles Ballet Company and has treated many dancers and performers from Cirque du Soleil and the Joffrey Ballet.

Having worked with over 12.000 patients during his career, Dr. Reichardt is uniquely positioned to understand the needs and requirements of his patients. His own sports experience encouraged the development of his own style of patient assessment and management. Dr. Reichardt’s goal is always to help his patients graduate from pain to health, and then on to wellness. His approach combines the principles of chiropractic with soft tissue work, nutrition, counseling and lifestyle coaching into an effective healing approach.

He now published his latest book “Staying in the Green Zone” to bring the information and guidance that has already helped thousands of patients to a broader audience.

My Book

Staying in the Green Zone

How Biology Drives Behavior (Center For Health Self-Help Series)

Are you often stressed, anxious and overwhelmed? Does the strain of daily life stretch you so thin that at the end of the day, you’re exhausted and spent? Are you doing all the right things—yoga, meditation, breathing—yet calm still evades you? Turns out, you’re not alone. Dr. Christian Reichardt has helped thousands of patients over the last 35 years overcome stress, as well as the physical ailments that come along with such a frame of mind. Now he’s written a book to help you do the same. Beginning with an explanation of the brain’s evolution and how the development of our survival instincts have made modern living so challenging, he offers a way to deal with it. You’ll be told to ask yourself some questions, and to write down your answers to generate a list. This list becomes your personal guide towards a calmer, happier and healthier life! Containing tales of real people interpolated with a bit of neuro-science and evolutionary background information, the lesson becomes simple: by taking better care of yourself and having just a bit of patience, over time, you’ll begin to see results. The life you want to create is within reach, and this book teaches you how to get it. It gives you simple tools for finally becoming the person you already know you can be.



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